Who we are?

Who would have ever thought that partially burned wood pieces could deliver furniture that is beyond stylish?

SMOKE By Shou Sugi Ban Gallery,  a Singapore registered company, is the first furniture company in Asia who discovered that charred wood can be used in making furniture and various other interior design elements with striking aesthetic effects.  We source and procure the raw material, design and hand-crafted each individual pieces of the furniture.


The SMOKE collection of furniture are made of solid wood and fully organic in nature. Due to the different environmental conditions and natural settlement, cracks and movement of wood are the unique characteristics of our product.








They are artistically preserved and antiqued using a century-old Japanese technique known as Shou Sugi Ban.Artisans skillfully burn the solid wood in various degrees, attaining a deep and even charring.  Each artistic piece has its own unique charring complementing the original grains, cracks and other organic characteristics of the wood. No further treatment is needed as the charred surface provides durability and resistance to weather decay.  We create unconventional furniture, always breaking barrier in our design.













Our LIVE EDGE collection of tables are made keeping their most organic form of the wood, sitting stylishly on legs uniquely designed using different material.
















The ORTER collection of furniture are vintage pieces with a lot of history and stories behind them.  We fusion each one by giving them a contemporary look while preserving the good old vintage elements found in the original pieces.